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Authorization of Treatment of Personal Data

I declare that I have been informed that: TOP TURF MIAMI will act as the responsible for the processing of my personal data and have made available to the customer, the service line: (844) 398-7110, email:, and the physical offices, whose information I can consult on

For the attention of requirements related to the treatment of my personal data and the exercise of the rights mentioned in this authorization; (I) My data will be processed for contractual, business, customer service, and marketing purposes; (II) My rights as the holder of the data are those provided in the Constitution and law, especially the right to know, update, rectify, and delete my personal information; As well as the right to revoke the consent granted for the processing of personal data. These can be exercised through the channels provided by TOP TURF MIAMI: customer service, and observing the Information Treatment Policy of TOP TURF MIAMI available at the following link: (III) It is voluntary to answer questions that may be asked about sensitive data or data of minors, and that the latter will be treated according to the fundamental rights and superior interests. 

Based on the above considerations, I authorize, in a voluntary, prior, explicit, informed, and unequivocal manner, TOP TURF MIAMI and to whom the rights are assigned, to collect, store, debug, use, analyze, circulate, update, and cross with information of my own or my personal data, for the main purpose of contracting, executing, and marketing the products and/or services of the Responsible for the Treatment, as well as the contact through telephone, electronic means (SMS, chat, email and other means Considered electronic) physical and/or personal.

TOP TURF MIAMI may use my information for the following purposes:

  1. In the development of its corporate purpose and the pre-contractual, contractual, and contractual relationship that binds us, regarding any products and/or services offered by the Manager of the Treatment, Whether acquired or not or, about any underlying business relationship with it, which implies the exercise of its rights and duties within which are not limited to the attention of my requests, complaints or claims, the generation of extracts, collection activities, orders from judicial or administrative authorities, conduct satisfaction surveys regarding goods and services as well as TOP TURF MIAMI commercial allies listed in the Information Processing Policy; among others.
  2. The administration of products or services marketed through TOP TURF MIAMI of which I am the owner and/or guarantor;
  3. Make invitations to events, improve products and services or offer new products, and all those activities associated with the existing business relationship or link with TOP TURF MIAMI, or any that you will get through channels or media that TOP TURF MIAMI For this purpose;
  4. The adoption of measures to prevent illicit activities. Likewise, TOP TURF MIAMI may transfer my personal data to other countries, in order to enable the accomplishment of the purposes set forth in this authorization.
  5. Provide contact information and documents relevant to the commercial force and/or distribution network, Telemarketing, market research, and any third party to which TOP TURF MIAMI has a contractual relationship of any kind.

The information of the format of which the present authorization forms part, I have voluntarily supplied it and it is true.